Founded in 1994 in Abidjan (Côte d’Ivoire), Unifood is a company specializing in the production of cookies and confectionery.
In its early days, the company produced and sold only filled and dry cookies, chewing gum and candies including SUPER MINT and SUPER GNAMAKOU (created in 2000) and the iconic COUPE DU MONDE wafer.
Thanks to the creation of the second factory in Lomé (Togo), our product portfolio has been enriched, particularly with our fruity lollipops filled with chewing gum RIO POP.
Today, as a leading player in the food industry in the region, UNIFOOD stands out in the salty food sector with its brand of mayonnaise SOSSA.
In order to offer the best products to our customers, we are committed to taking concrete and credible actions, including:
 A daily quality control of the products carried out by an internal analysis laboratory throughout the production;
Constant quality: always make sure that the same great taste and the same quality of products is preserved;s
 Constant research led by a research & development/innovation team in order to offer you ever more innovative products;
The availability in the African marketplace of high-quality products affordable to all.
Compliance with working conditions for all staff in our facilities.